V-TEK Team

The men and women of V-TEK stand behind the company mission to provide trusted expertise and deliver quantifiable results exceeding customer expectations.

Our design engineering staff is comprised of electrical, mechanical and software engineers with deep expertise in our industry and equipment who consult regularly with customers to understand challenges and design beneficial solutions. In-house experts recommend and provide the right carrier tape, cover tape and supplies to package and protect your devices. Component packaging and processing personnel are experienced in diagnosing service needs and recommending tailored solutions using V-TEK, Royce and other name brand equipment to fulfill appropriate requirements.

V-TEK is equipped to provide solutions for your equipment or service needs. Our goal is to be your trusted partner in the component processing and packaging industry by providing:

  • Superior quality products and services; the right product and the right process for the job.
  • Accountability and integrity; accepting responsibility for promises to ourselves, our customers and our distribution networks.
  • Consistent, quantifiable, and demonstrable customer satisfaction.

V-TEK's commitment to reliability and excellence means we are always working to achieve greater success for ourselves and our customers.