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TM-500 Automatic Taping Machine

TM-500 Automatic Taping Machine

    The TM-500 is a multiple input pick-and-place, test, inspection and taping machine designed for high mix-low volume production environments. The flexibility of multiple inputs reduces the need for additional machines, simplifying and speeding set up and operations to deliver a fast return on investment. Options for testing, inspection, as well as 2D and 3D vision systems provide maximum flexibility, reporting and traceability functions. A touch screen interface minimizes set up and operator intervention for fast and easy functioning.

    Product Specs

    • Production output: 8-56mm width
    • Minimum part sizes: 2mm x 2mm or 0805 (operator/settings dependent) Device Size Chart
    • Dimensions: H 66" (100cm) x W 44" (65" with monitor arm fully extended) x D 36" (64" with input and take up reels), Weight 1200 lbs (545 kg)
    • Power required: 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz AC, Air 5 SCFM at 85 PSI
    • Placement speed: UPH 2000-4500 (device dependent)

    Features & Benefits

    • Automated component handler with tray, tube, bowl or tape input options
    • Reject to tray or bulk of bin sort
    • Industrial PC with touch screen operator interface
      • Job configuration
      • Manual / Automatic leader / trailer
      • Lot reporting
      • Vision inspection display and results reporting
      • Password protection
      • Single window interface combines vision and job programming
    • Taping module
      • Universal adjustable heat and PSA sealer
      • Empty pocket detection
      • Jam in track detection
      • Low cover/carrier tape detection
      • Carrier motion


    • Dual tray handler:
      • JEDEC standard trays
      • Tube
      • Bowl feed
      • Other trays by request
    • Processes (some require optional equipment)
      • 3D Lead coplanarity inspection
      • 3D BGA inspection
      • 2D Vision inspection
      • Programming
      • Electrical testing
      • Mark inspection
      • Orientation

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