Tape and Reel Supplies

As an equipment manufacturer, V-TEK collaborates with major tape and reel companies to ensure their products are compatible with ours. Buying your supplies through V-TEK ensures you get fully qualified consumable products, through a single source of accountability. Refining supply chain contacts reduces costs, because you have fewer transactions to process and don’t carry unnecessary inventory. Contact us at distribution@vtekusa.com. Please download distribution specification sheet here.

Carrier Tape

A wide variety of carrier tape from global manufacturers

V-TEK is a major distributor for most major brands of carrier tape and related packaging materials. Because of our extensive inventory of stocked supplies, we can usually ship same day.

Polycarbonate, polystyrene or paper

Carrier tapes are made from three primary materials. (All are manufactured in accordance with EIA standards)

  • Polycarbonate is a black plastic material with excellent impact strength. It is used primarily for bare die and small form factor components. Polycarbonate carrier tape is available in non-conductive (NCPC), static-dissipative (SDPC), and conductive (CPC) formats
  • Polystyrene is the most commonly used raw material for carrier tape. It is used for larger components requiring less precise pocket forms. Polystyrene carrier tape is available in static-dissipative (SDPS), and conductive (CPS) formats
  • Paper tape is used for passive components, typically in the 0201 up to 1210 device size range.It’s available in a half-punched or press pocket format