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Vision Verification

Vision Verification

    V-TEK I³ SMD In-Tape Inspection Station (I³) provides innovative orientation detection and mark inspection for precision parts. The I³ is able to inspect small or large parts with only a minor adjustment within a 52mm area. It requires no camera / optics adjustment for marks with a stroke width above 125 micros and an area up to 30mm.

    The I³ offers highly customized reporting and tracking solutions, including available user defined fields, track lot and reel numbers, as well as automated reporting at the end of a lot.

    Product Specs

    • Multiple reel sizes (7" and 13")
    • Tape widths up to 72mm, Pitch from 2-144mm
    • Part sizes up to 1"x1" (25.4mm x 25.4mm) with no camera adjustment
    • Minimum part sizes: 2mm x 2mm or 0805 (operator/settings dependent) Device Size Chart
    • Dimensions: H 12" (30cm) x W 30" (76cm) x D 16" (40cm), Weight 14.5lbs (6.4 kg)
    • Power required: 120/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz

    Features & Benefits

    • Through cover tape inspection of orientation and/or mark
    • Reports rejected parts, empty pockets, and total passing parts
      • Immediate fail mode (programmable option)
      • Upon verification of first fail in the reel, lot will close and the reel will be rewound
    • Reject report saved for supplier feedback
    • User-friendly software ensures ease of set-up and operation
    • Customized reporting with up to two user-defined fields and ability to save first passing part image on report


    • Netbook

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    As an equipment manufacturer, V-TEK collaborates with major tape and reel companies to ensure their products are compatible with ours. As part of a refined supply chain, V-TEK is your single source of fully qualified consumable products.

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